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interfilk package

Our FKO Interfilk package this month!

Jodi, Allison and I are putting together a fun package for the Interfilk auction at FKO for those with children or who are kids at heart. :-) (1) A casual tape (i.e. recorded in our living rooms :-)) of as many kids' songs as we can fit on the tape, including (2) lyric sheets, and a (3) gift certificate: I'll write a kids' song on any topic of the buyer's choosing (any topic suitable for kids' ears, that is :)). All I ask that you give me six months...hopefully it will take a lot less time. After I write it, Urban Tapestry will perform it on tape, and I'll send the tape and lyrics/chords to you...and we'll perform it for you next time we see you at a convention. I'm kind of excited about this songwriting assignment, to tell you the truth. We're hoping to record a kids' album someday, and we would put this song on the album if we liked it enough (and if it wasn't too specific a topic). We're also going to throw in some other fun stuff into this package.


Many thanks to Jodi for revamping the Urban Tapestry website (check out the main page). I'll be uploading revamped pages over the next few days; there will likely be glitches for a bit, so thanks in advance for your patience. I'll also eventually be moving the site to (thanks to Mike Whitaker for the suggestion when I mourned not being able to get

Mike, by the way, has updated the Phoenix webpage with a new look and a bunch more info.

Paul Kwinn has posted a Consonance report on the Puzzlebox website (click on "Puzzlebits" in the navigation bar.

Today's officemusic: Chris Conways' EARTH RISING. Very cool CD! (hey, and Jodi's on two of the tracks, including one they co-wrote: "Wherever") To find out more about this super-talented musician, see his webpage.

Today's blatherpic: My niece Annie, who just turned three. Kinda neat to think that I saw her being born (literally). Now she calls me "Uncle Debbie" and likes to leap on me unannounced (as she did a few seconds after this digital photo was taken).

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