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cottage visit with nieces

So I tried registering the domain but found it was already taken! Sigh...I should have done this much earlier, and now it's too late. Then again, I should have registered a lot of OTHER domains much earlier. What was I thinking, back in '95 when I only registered ""?? Oh, for a time travel machine...

In any case, I did register "". :-) I was surprised it was still available, to tell you the truth. Every other English word seems to have been taken. I also have "", which I hope to eventually use as a general filk information resource and community.

Cottage visit

Jeff and I went to the cottage this past weekend with our nieces (and their parents). The cottage is only accessible by lake, so we pulled sleds of supplies across the ice. Annie and Sara sat in one sled, each looking very circular in their layers of sweaters, scarves, coats, and mitts. Annie dozed off partway across and accidentally knocked Sara out of the sled. Activities included skating, building snowforts and snowmen, exploring in the woods, snowball fights, drinking of hot chocolate. Jeff chopped a hole in the ice for drinking water (we boiled it first). Jeff and Kaarel both did a sauna and very brief dip in the icy water...I was too chicken. :-)

Coolest moment of the weekend: on our last evening, a red fox peered into the front of the cabin window! Sara had sprinkled seed around for the birds, and the fox obviously liked the snack as well. GORGEOUS animal; I've never seen a wild fox that close before.

Harp yearnings

My visit to the UK has got me thinking seriously about buying a harp, I have to confess. Between Mike Richards and Annie and Talis and the other talented harpists over there, I was a goner...I've wanted to play the harp all my life but have been suppressing the urge. Even signed up for a summer lap harp course during my high school days, but the course ended up being cancelled because of lack of interest. :-(

Today's blatherphoto

Today's blatherphoto is of Annie Walker, playing rock harp in the Phoenix set at Didgeri-Douze. Note the flute at her feet (by the way, I -have- to get one of those flute stands!!! Where can I get one, Annie?); this woman is way too talented for her own good.

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