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hockey monkey

During my report of our cottage weekend, I forgot to mention that I've corrupted Annie and Sara with the Hockey Monkey song. By the time we went home, Annie was coming up to me and asking for the "Monkey song"...Ruth reports she continued this request throughout the week as well. HAHAHAHA!

Went out for dinner with my dad last night; I took him to Fune. He talked in Japanese with the sushi chef and waitresses, hopefully not about me. :-) We came back to the apartment afterward, and watched The Matrix on DVD; he loved it. That sort of surprised me; I didn't really think it was his kind of movie.

Finished Orson Scott Card's Ender's Shadow on the weekend (borrowed it from my dad). For those of you who liked Ender's Game, you have to read this book! I was sort of skeptical when I heard its plot was basically a parallel of Ender's Shadow, only from Bean's point of view. Speaking of the Ender books, does anyone know of related filk songs other than Minstrel's excellent "Boy In A Room"? (Update: forgot about Julia Ecklar's "Tin Soldier", which is on Phoenix's CD, Into The Fire...thanks for pointing that out, Rick!)

Today's Blatherphoto:

Jeff in ice (To Andrea: no, I didn't jump in, too. You think I'm CRAZY??? :-))

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