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talis & simon

Many, many thanks to Jodi for putting the UT trip report into HTML format! I'll be gradually scanning and adding photos over the next few weeks.

I was sorely tempted to go to Ad Astra last night (local sf convention) to hear Charles de Lint in concert but resisted because of work and the fact that I'd likely have to pay a full day's membership fee just for an hour concert. Sigh.

Bought some DVDs yesterday...I hadn't bought *any* since my mom-in-law gave us a DVD player for Christmas. I bought Tarzan, Titanic, and a set of the three Next Generation Star Trek movies (on sale, woohoo).

Yay! I finally finished unpacking today and found a small package of chocolate from Talis that I forgotten about!! Yum.......

UK Trip Highlight(s) Du Jour

Staying at Talis's and Simon's

    I stayed with Talis and Simon near the end of the trip. I'd hang out with Fox during the day, then crash at Talis's and Simon's at night. Just before going to bed, we'd have tea from Talis's library, chocolate (of course), and just talk. Sometimes Talis would be doing needlepoint while Simon twiddled with the computer. I enjoyed browsing through their wedding photos (and it was very cool to be able to point out people that I remembered meeting at the convention). I got to hear some rough mixes from the new album, and a never-to-be-released album. A couple of times, Talis and Simon would pull out instruments and start playing (did I tell you I'm absolutely nuts about the harp? I -do- so want to play harp someday...).

    It was a wonderfully quiet and restful period of the trip for me, much needed since at that point I had caught some kind of cold bug (which kindly waited until AFTER the convention to strike) and felt like doing nothing but sitting in one place. I mostly felt like sleeping, but didn't want to waste the last part of the trip unconscious!

    Typical pattern:

    (Debbie comes back to Talis's and Simon's place after gallivanting around Bristol with Fox)

    DEBBIE: I'm really sorry, but it'll have to be an early night for me. I'm really tired.

    TALIS: Of course, you poor thing! Would you like a cup of tea first?

    DEBBIE: Oh sure, thanks...

    (Debbie ends up going to bed two hours later after much tea, chocolate, music, and talking :-))

    Looking forward to seeing them at OVFF...

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