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dd & end of an affair

Urban Tapestry con report (with a few additions/modifications from the version that was posted on the UK filk list, mostly as a result of corrections and extra info we've received since then)
and Erica's report are now both online. The UT report will be HTMLized and enhanced with Lurid Photos when I get some more free time (warning: may be a little while...this report is looooooooooooong!).

Yay, got my UK pics back from the film shop! I showed Godfrey's concert photos to Jeff and he flipped through them, saying, "Hey, you're SINGING!" (He's never seen Urban Tapestry perform before). :-)

Thanks to Sherman Dorn for the following URLs about the health benefits of chocolate:

Went to see "End of the Affair" with Cathy last night, then browsed through Indigo Books. Cathy and I decided to splurge and try the "V.I.P. theatre" for the first time. These have been around for a while in pay about five bucks extra for your movie ticket. In exchange, you get a coat check, more comfortable chairs, roomier seating, small coffee tables on which to set your refreshments, and can order your popcorn and drinks from your seat. It was fun trying it out, but I probably won't do it again...the roomy seating is nice, but I really find it worth the extra money. Plus the theatre and screen is much's more like sitting in someone's living room than in a movie theatre, and you don't get the full "crowd response" experience.

I'm working all weekend. Amanda's loaned me tapes of the Partridge Family pilot episode as well as the Brady Bunch movie sequel, though, so I'm going to reward myself with a little 70s-VCRfest tonight.

Tea of the Day: Twinings Ginger, Orange & Honey.

UK Trip Highlight(s) Du Jour

  • moose truffles:

    Does anyone know the name of the very kind person who was passing out mouth-watering truffles at the convention? He had a stuffed toy moose. Mmmmmmmmmmm....

  • Chris Conway sing "Furies"

    Chris's concert was fantastic throughout, of course, but I especially enjoyed his version of Andrea Dale's "Furies". Great song, great version, and I just thought it was so cool that Andrea's song was being sung by someone all the way across the pond! By someone she has never met, no less! For me, this helps crystallize what filk's all about, really...the sharing of music and friendship, no matter what the geographical boundaries. I love the musical grapevine.

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