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and more dd

Chris Conway's DD report now online.
Phil's DD report now online. jetlag has pretty much worn off so I have no excuse anymore. I'm going to work all weekend as well to try to catch up.

A package from Godfrey arrived today with very cool photos!!! A set for each of Jodi, Allison and me, with negatives, even. Thankyouthankyou, Godfrey!!! I'll start scanning and posting some over the next while.

Today's blatherpic is courtesy Chris Conway...I think he took this one during or just after his concert on the opening night of the convention.

Busybusy catching up with work. And like Allison, I'm drinking lots of tea! Mostly herbal tea I brought back, a zillion types (hey, I managed to use "zillion" two days in a row). My current fave is Green Tea With Mint, yum.

Allison's finished the report, and Jodi and I have added just needs to properly formatted and HTMLized. Unfortunately I'm not going to have time to do this for a few days; if any of you want to give it a shot, please let me know (I'll send you Canadian chocolate, even). Warning...the report is loooooooooooong!

Fox and Phil and Teddy have gotten me hooked on Buffy. And I just found out my friend Michelle has all the episodes on tape, woohoo!

Getting together with Allison and Jodi tonight....we're going to drink tea and watch Allison's video and listen to tapes and look at photographs (THANK YOU, GODFREY!) and rehash every favourite moment during our UK visit (hm, maybe I should bring my sleeping bag)...

UK Trip Highlight(s) Du Jour

  • Talis's Chocolate Pudding:
    Okay, I admit it. I had never had real chocolate pudding before, just the processed kind you get out of plastic cups. Talis was horrified, and made me some. And WOW, was it fantastic...I'm spoiled now; how can I ever go back? Her recipe had all kinds of interesting things in it, like "castor sugar" (sp?). Lissa says this is different from granulated sugar. Can we get castor sugar in Canada?

    We had the chocolate pudding after a fine dinner consisting of Fox's tuna casserole (which has spoiled me for tuna casseroles) and a fine sunflower seed salad created by Talis. Yummmmmmmm. I also got to sample from Simon's and Talis's "tea library", which is an impressive collection of all kinds of teas. I chose "Lemon with Ginger", which was delicious (one of the types I brought home with me).

    Anyway, back to the chocolate pudding. We had it fresh from the oven, drizzled over with cream. (pause while Debbie wipes the drool from her keyboard) Speaking of chocolate, you must all hear Talis's song, "I should Cocoa"...a WONDERFUL chocolate song that I'm going to force her to sing again at OVFF. Simon plays the keyboards on this one (is there ANY instrument he can't play??).

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