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more didgeri

Phil's DD report now online. The bios can still be accessed under "Miscellany" under the left column navigation bar.

It's Lissa's and Beckett's birthday today!

Went into the office yesterday and discovered that Amanda had brought chocolate! Heart-shaped valentines chocolate, and chocolate toonies wrapped in foil. Yum. I'm staggering somewhat under all the e-mail and work I have to catch up on after the trip, so the chocolate will help fortify me. :-)

Jeff and I decided to stay in last night on Valentine's Day; I was still jetlagged and neither of us felt like going out. Instead, we watched "Get Shorty" on DVD and ordered in food from Alice Fazooli's.

Lots of snow today! Vast change from the UK weather, which was so mild that I usually left my sweater, mittens, and hat behind when I went out, just using my Inkspot jacket.

UK Trip Highlight(s) Du Jour

  • Steak and chips at Annie's and Tim's: Before the convention, we were invited over for steak and chips, and a badge-making/bag-stuffing session. Delicious meal, yum. I also enjoyed snooping through the house, which is veryvery cool and contains more musical instruments than any other house I've ever seen. Part of the reason is because Rika is living there, but Annie and Tim also have an awful lot of musical instruments. :-) David Peek presented us with a giant container of wrapped chocolates (the collection even came with a flavour guide!)...thank you, David! We ate a bunch ourselves and passed the container around at the convention; I found it a great way to meet new people, too.

    We stuffed convention bags with membership info, and also helped make the badges. The badge-making equipment was rather complicated for we poor jet-lagged Canajuns; I'm afraid I wrecked a few badges whilst learning how to use it, including DAVE CLEMENT'S BADGE! We did another one to replace it, but I was still wracked with guilt.

    Well, not so much guilt now that I know that Dave ate all of Anne's chocolate mousse without saving any to bring home for Urban Tapestry! ;-)

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