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didgeri, part 2

UT bios from the Didgeri-Douze program book now online.

Slept quite a bit yesterday, unpacked. I had to buy a cheap sports bag at a shop in Bristol in order to help get all my extra stuff home. The extra stuff includes the following:

  • Stoppered jar of "puppies cooked in brine", presented to us at Didgeri-Douze by the concom. :-) This consisted of a very nice jar filled with tiny beanie-baby-like puppies squished into pitiful positions, paws splayed out across the glass. No brine, thank heavens. :-)
  • A box of Turkish Delight With Pistachio.
  • TAPES & CDS & SONGBOOKS: Wolves and Changelings (Talis Kimberley), Mythical Beasts (Talis), tape that Fox made for me, Wassaliens (Zander Nyrond), Earth Rising (Chris Conway), Wilderwood: Dreams Incarnate (Tim and Annie Walker), tape from a talented UK filker who prefers to remain anonymous. Songbook by Lawrence Dean.
  • Four boxes of herbal teas ranging from various flavoured "fruit infusions" to "herbal infusions" to green tea with mint. Yum. I love interesting herbal teas, and have been inspired by Talis and Simon's "tea library" to start my own.
  • Roll of McVitie's Milk Digest Caramels (biscuits). A gift from Lissa...she's gotten me hooked on these now, the fiend! :-)
  • Two boxes of Walkers Ginger Royals (chocolate covered ginger shortbread biscuits).

  • Half-eaten bag of St. Michael Sweet Fayre Clotted Cream Fudge.
  • Cozy scarf (gift from Talis).
  • Picture of Pikachu (gift from Corwin Kimberley). Corwin's an expert on Pokemon, I discovered, and knows the names of all 150 of them PLUS THE EXTRA SECRET POKEMON CHARACTER. He was kind enough to educate me on some of the Pokemon ways during my stay at his house. He also asked me to do some of the Baby Noises from our children's concert ("My Little Sister", Chenille Sister song) during my visit.
  • Untitled pencil sketch (gift from Jared Walker). This was displayed in my song binder during our concert. Jared was just as adorable as I had imagined (from reading Annie's Witterings page), and definitely gets the Most Enthusiastic Audience Member award in our children's concert during our We Are The Dinosaur Song.
  • Lots and lots of chocolate (bought and gifts). Includes a chocolate pizza bought at a shop that Fox showed me. Chocolate-covered biscuit from Kirstin Scholtz. Also bought a can of chocolate-covered "dead parrots" for Jeff.
  • Numerous souvenirs from the Tower of London gift shop, including a double decker bus, fridge magnet, medieval herbal foot baths, chocolate (yes, didn't you know that the Tower of London was especially famous for its chocolate??).
  • A wooden flute and two penny whistles from Hobgoblin Music in Bristol. Wow, what an amazing store!! Packed with harps and mandolins and guitars and whistles and music books and percussion. I was a puddle of ecstasy.
  • Talis Kimberley t-shirt. A Phoenix t-shirt.
  • Fun cartoon by Franklin (does anyone know Franklin's and Molly's e-mail addresses? Or last names? Update: thanks to Rafe for sending me the info I needed) illustrating the Hockey Monkey Song chorus. I found out from Rand, by the way, that the Hockey Monkey Song was written by a fellow named James Kochalka. ("And it's 1-2-3, kids love the monkey and it's 4-5-6, monkey's got a hockey stick, 7-8-9, havin' a good time...YEAH!!!!") This was the first song we "officially" sang for the convention, and we also put it into our children's concert. 'Twas cool to see people spontaneously burst into the chorus throughout the weekend, and I also heard rumours of it being sung in cars on the way home from the convention.
  • A vibrating cow keychain (from DD concom).
  • Wonderful wood Didgeri-Douze wood etching handmade by Sue Mason...I'll have to scan and post it online when I get back to the office. (from DD concom)
  • Travel zebra, Bristol post card (gifts from Fox).
  • Cow washing mitt, cow pen (bought in Fan Fund Auction).
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