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stomach touching

Back in Toronto this weekend, seeing Jeff for the first time in three weeks. Have to confess that I'm getting tired of a long-distance marriage; I'm not quite sure how other couples in similar situations manage it. There are advantages to having the remote control to oneself, being able to eat lima beans and chicken livers anytime, renting sappy b&w musicals without having to consult anyone else...but the novelty has worn off somewhat. I miss my husband.

I'm also finding adjustment to a corporate world a challenge. Most of the people I work with may be great, but I still feel like I've been dropped into the middle of a complicated game in which I don't know all the rules.

But back to my visit home...

Today Jeff and I had breakfast at Movenpick's then went to see "The Contender" at the Paramount together. Quite enjoyed this movie. Tonight I see my sister and her family. Hey, Ruth's books are mentioned twice in today's Globe & Mail! Next Stop (written by Sarah Ellis, illustrated by Ruth) is reviewed in the special book section. And there's a special TD ad on pg A30 about TD Canadian Children's Book Week featuring her book, Nicholas At The Library (written by Hazel Hutchins, illustrated by Ruth). A copy of the book is being given to EVERY GRADE ONE STUDENT IN CANADA. I have such a cool sister.

ovff flashback

All the babies and kids! Wow, it's obvious there's a baby boom in the filk world. A lot of super-cute young 'uns crawling and toddling and sleeping and drooling. 'Twas also great to see Andrea and Beckett in their pre-mother states (and of course I forget when they're due, exactly...Andrea? Beckett? And Beckett is going to have twins!). Both looked radiant, though I'm sure neither will claim they felt radiant. I'm fascinated by pregnancy, even though I will never have children myself. And what is it about people touching pregnant womens' stomachs? Especially without asking permission? Every time I saw Andrea and Beckett, I wanted to touch their stomachs. I had to physically restrain myself. What is it with that impulse, anyway? Is it just me?

Today's blatherpic: Steve Macdonald. Steve is planning to attend every filk convention that is being held next year. Details here.

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