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Took this week off...much snoozing, reading, and general lazing about. Read two Laurell K. Hamilton books, Jerry Spinelli's _Star Girl_, and Michael Crichton's _Timeline_. Lots of movie watching and video rentals: 6th Day (yuk...I'm off Arnie movies for a while), Unbreakable (disappointing), Titan A.E. (also disappointing), U-571 (entertaining but scary!), Charlies' Angels (my second time, Ruth's first time). Pampered myself at the Spa at a massage, tried a Moor Mud Wrap treatment. Went to a new sushi place (WOW sushi, a few blocks from our apartment), visited Fune for my salmon sashimi fix.

Hey, I was mentioned in the most recent issue of Maclean's magazine (Canada's Weekly Newsmagazine, Nov. 20, 2000) p39, in the Tech Explorer column by Danylo Hawalshka:

"GET IT WRITE Readers who would like to be writers can learn some of the basics at There are tips on grammar and style, and links for writers at various levels of proficiency. The U.S.-based site, founded and run by Debbie Ridpath Ohi of Toronto, also has extensive information on becoming a freelancer, including markets for English-language articles and short stories around the world. A section called Young Writers has information and links for the under-18 crowd."

Thanks to Luisa for telling me about the issue, and to Jodi for being grilled by the Maclean's guy since I was in New York when he called.

Seeing Jodi and Allison tonight. Tomorrow we'll be attending a memorial for Lloyd Landa.

Today's blatherpic:
Sara at the Santa Claus parade, ready with her letter for Santa. She is sitting on top of Jeff's shoulders. Kaarel held Annie, and Andy held Elspeth. 'Twas fun, but pretty cold! We all went for hot chocolate and icecream at Movenpick's after the parade.

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