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Dead tired, just got back from OVFF. Had a wonderful time; it was a much-needed mental break. I was pretty burned out by the end of last week and felt like someone had secretly lobotomized me in my sleep. Five minutes before I was supposed to board the plane, I suddenly realized that I had left all the hotel and convention information at home. In a panic (Allison was still teaching at school, and Jodi had already left for her flight in Toronto), I called my friend Luisa...she looked up the OVFF hotel info for me online. :-)

Many thanks to the OVFF concom for putting on such a great convention! And Talis Kimberley was a excellent GoH. Details forthcoming over the next while. Thanks also to those who nominated and voted for my song, "My Jalapeno Man", for a Pegasus Award...I was honoured to win a Pegasus for the song (tying with Tom Smith's "307 Ale" for Best Food/Drink Song). Allison wasn't able to be there in time for the Pegasus Concert, so Paul Kwinn (thanks, Paul!) stepped in to play the guitar part...see photo below.

It was great to see old friends again. For the first time, I opted to skip much of the regular programming so I could have more time to catch up with friends. I've been feeling somewhat homesick and missing familiar faces lately. So if you were at OVFF and didn't see me around a whole lot during the concerts and one-shots, that was why...I desperately needed to be able to talk to people this past weekend, not just sit in an audience. And even then, I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone I wanted to. As Mary Ellen Wessels commented at the convention, OVFF is like coming to visit your five hundred closest friends and then only getting to spend three seconds with each of them.

Can't write anymore, my brain is dead, need to sleep. More later.

Today's blatherpic (top of page):
This picture was taken in the hotel lobby just before I left the convention to go back to Philadelphia. From top left to bottom right: Scott Snyder, Paul Kwinn, Rand Bellavia, Beckett Gladney, me, Allison Durno, Jodi Krangle, Kathleen Sloan.

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