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back at work

Back at work. Pretty quiet here; I suspect many people are still on holidays. I'm comforting myself by playing my new ABBA GOLD album over and over again. It's the only time I can listen to it; Jeff despises the group. I'm going to try to convince Jodi and Allison to cover an ABBA tune for fun, but I suspect they'd rather eat bees first.

Scott D. left yesterday, leaving behind a subway token and a partly-used bottle of Cheez Whiz (tm). I miss the guy already.

Read Snow Falling On Cedars over the holidays, really enjoyed it. I'm curious to see how close the movie is to the original text. Other books I got over the holidays: Angela's Ashes from Ruth and Kaarel, Sherlock Holmes collection from Allison (she was shocked that I had never read any Sherlock Holmes before)...looking forward to starting those.

As a child, I used to have a goal of reading every book ever published. Too many books to read, too little time.

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