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Things are so incredibly hectic right now that I can't even begin to explain. :-) Part of me has grown numb to all of it, to tell you the truth; it's the only way to stay sane. Amanda's a gem; she brought a Partridge Family Greatest Hits CD to the office today...nothing like pumping up "I Can Feel Your Heartbeat" to help the panic ease away somewhat (and keep my brain from exploding).

Got a visit from the property management office and some business development people from the City of Toronto council...apparently Mayor Mel Lastman and some others wanted to come visit me in the office next Friday, as part of a tv show about new media. Of course, I'm not going to be IN the office next Friday (I'm going to be partying at Didgeri-Douze), so I had to decline. Still, kind of flattering that they approached me.

Allison's plane tickets still haven't arrived. :( :( We're hoping they arrive soon (Jodi's arrived a long time ago!) else we'll have to apply for a re-issue, involving much hassle and an admin fee.

Heavy-duty practice with Allison and Jodi tonight...our last get-together before the DD! We're trying to figure out how we're going to get some of the props into our luggage...the inflatable ten foot chocolate bar is going to be especially tricky.

Hey, Access Internet called to say that had reviewed me (four stars, woohoo!). Click on the link to see the review.

Only kidding about the inflatable chocolate bar.


So Allison, Jodi and I would appreciate any advice, so we don't feel so much like a foreigner when we're over visiting! Any British words or phrases we should know? Tips on how not to tick off the locals? What kind of food should we have? What kind we SHOULDN'T have? Any help appreciated. Please post your comments in blatherchat.

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