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r.i.p. elmer chia

Doug's Elmer chia head is dead, sadly.

He claims he can save Elmer, but right now Elmer looks like he has a very bad buzz cut. There were small sprouts of green for a day, but they have shrivelled up. The small poinsetta plant that Doug's mom gave us is also dead. Only two living plants left in our office...

Been busy working on my book, sorry for the lack of Blatherings.

Events since my last Blathering...

Jeff, Reid and I visited Scott Murray. While Reid, Jeff and Scott played Quake, I watched EdTV on Scott's DVD player. We got a DVD player as a Christmas present from Jeff's mom, so stole some of Scott's movies after. I liked EdTV a lot more than I expected; even more than The Truman Show in some ways. Scott got me chocolate! Yummm...raspberry chocolate (I love fruit-chocolate combinations) and plain milk chocolate.

Jeff and I babysat Annie and Sara, putting them to bed for the first time in our aunt/unclehood. Sara was extremely helpful in the process since Jeff and I were pretty clueless in some areas of parenthood...she patiently showed us where Annie's pull-ups were, gave tips on Annie's and her bedtime rituals when we blanked out. I put Sara to bed (three books, drink of water, washroom check, lights out) and Jeff put Annie to bed.

Jeff and the girls made Rice Krispie squares for dessert. Sort of. :-) Annie helped Jeff stir while Sara sat at the kitchen table, scooping chocolate chips and red sprinkles (extra toppings we had brought for the squares) into her mouth. She was very happy (somehow I don't think her parents would have been as ecstatic).

Allison hosted a local filk at her place...sadly, I had to miss it. :( I heard it was a lot of fun; she hopes to host another in a few months.

Getting together with Allison and Jodi tonight for practice!

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