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sushi candle

Got a package in the mail yesterday from Andrea which made me laugh as soon
as I opened it up...a candle that looks uncannily like a piece of sushi! (shrimp
on rice) Thanks, Andrea. :-D

We planted the Elmer Chia Head last night. I don't give the project much hope, to
tell you the truth. The seeds already looked dried up when I came in this morning.
I trickled water over Elmer (knocking some seeds off, but what can I do? I don't
have a mister) and wrapped his head in saran wrap. In theory, however, in a couple of weeks his head
should start sprouting a lovely crop What IS chia, exactly?
And can you eat it? We have extra seeds left over, so I'm looking around to see
what else I can chia-ize. Maybe Jeff's keyboard, he'd love that.

Annie called me this morning. Actually, when I picked up the phone, I heard Ruth's voice, "Hello, this is Annie's secretary. Are you free to talk to Annie right now?" When Annie got on the line, we had a very short conversation (something about a birthday part she was going to). She's gotten into the habit of ending the call with a very polite, "You can go now". Which is actually quite efficient, when you think about it. How do YOU initiate the ending of a phone conversation? :-)

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