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chia elmer

Doug brought a Chia Elmer head to the office (he got it as a Christmas present and is generously sharing it with us). We're soaking the head and will plant it with seeds tomorrow. I'm wild with excitement.

Had dinner at my sister's last night. My dad made a Japanese soup with vegetables and seafood. Sara loves squid and octopus, go figure. After dinner, we had mochi and manju. I think I blathered about mochi a year or two ago; one of my favourite Japanese foods. Apparently you can get prepackaged mochi at Japanese stores now...not as good as homemade, of course, but better than nothing! Dad microwaved the mochi pieces until they were hot and puffy, and then we wrapped them in small squares of nori (dried seaweed) and dipped them into a paste of sugar and shoyu (soy sauce). Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Kaarel and Jeff didn't want any. I must go find myself some of this packaged mochi!

Jeff and I both worked all weekend; we are so bad.

Finished Angela's Ashes...LOVED it. I've started Sherlock Holmes now (a Christmas gift from Allison).

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