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word on the street

I've been paranoid about no one visiting the Inkspot booth at today's Word On The Street festival so I've decided to draw a couple of writing-oriented cartoons to hang up in the booth. I don't have a particular strategy in mind except a feeble hope that people walking by will notice the signs, perk up, and think to themselves, "OOoo, look, badly-coloured cartoon pictures. I must have a look."

I've printed 4000 flyers, and have also got a stock of Inkspot pens to give to people I like (I've been advised against leaving piles out for the general public to grab). I suspect I'll have lots of flyers left, but figure I can always send them off to various writers' conventions later this year. Allison, Jodi, and Rand have promised to come by and visit (I'll be joining them for dinner after WOTS).

Had fun at my sister's last night. Jeff and I babysat the girls all afternoon. We bought popsicles at the shop around the corner and walked to Yonge Street; I pushed Annie in a stroller as her chocolate popsicle melted all over the front of her dress. I hope it's washable. When we got to Yonge Street, we got some freezies and ice popsicles (yes, more popsicles). Sara suggested we get more popsicles because it was hot outside and Jeff and I couldn't help but agree.

After a leisurely walk/stroller ride home, and then Sara and Annie helped me ice Ruth's birthday cake. Annie accidentally gouged the centre out of the top (I'm sure it was an accident), but I think I managed to disguise the hole by filling it with icing. I also bought tubes of different types of sprinkles and told Sara and Annie they could put these sprinkles on the cake any way they wished. Sara asked me if she could eat the tube of red sprinkles and I said no (by that time, she and Annie had already consumed a fair amount of icing). Both Sara and Annie took a tube and poured the contents very carefully into a heaped-up little pile on the top of the cake. I quite liked the results...very creative. Though I don't think I'd want to take the cake out into a strong wind.

After putting the cake aside for later festivities, we made some popcorn and watched Bug's Life on video. Both Sara and Annie are VERY keen on this movie. Annie likes to pretend she's Flick.

My sister and her husband got back partway through our movie. We ordered in pizza for dinner, but neither Annie nor Sara were very hungry, oddly enough.

Ruth liked the cake.

I heard back from Hero Joy Nightingale, and she says she's willing to be interviewed for Inkspot. :-)

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