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pamper rituals

Cold still dragging, unfortunately. I did try sleeping it off, but I got Incredibly Bored and started working again. I'm so bad.

Helen stayed over and we rented "Little Voice". Loved this movie! Ewan MacGregor is also quite adorable in this movie, much more relaxed than he was in The Phantom Menace, and he actually smiles. I hope I didn't pass my cold onto Helen.

Went birthday shopping for Sara this afternoon...her birthday party is tomorrow (school birthday party is on Wednesday; I'm helping out with that). She is going to be FIVE YEARS OLD, can you believe it? I say that for the benefit of those of you who may remember the website I set up for her when she was just born. Anyway, went to Toys'R'Us and also a science/learning toystore. Wow, too many choices.

My cold is the insidious type which allows you to feel well enough to work, just barely (but not sick enough to stay in bed all day without feeling guilty), but saps so much strength away that just going to the fridge to look for baking chocolate to nibble on is a major chore.

So what do you all of you do when you're feeling like this? Any "pamper" rituals to recommend? My favourites (please don't tell anyone; some of them are pretty embarrassing):

  • Go to bed way too early, bury myself beneath newly-washed sheets and think about chocolate.
  • Buy the latest issue of People magazine.
  • Strawberries.
  • Lipton's chicken noodle soup...the instant kind with the tiny, straight noodles.
  • Read a trashy paperback (or the People magazine, which is just as good) in the bathtub with lots of bubbles (my favourite is Neutrogena's "Rainbath") until the pages go all wrinkled and maybe even fall out.

Jeff's been pampering me recently. Has cooked several meals in a row (fine meals, too, not even fast food!) as well as cleaning up after. He won't let me kiss him, though, saying he doesn't want to catch my cold. Of course this makes me want to kiss him all the more; isn't life just like that?

Pardon my incoherency; I am drugged out on Nyquil, going to bed now.

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