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After I posted my blathering yesterday, went out to do some errands (mainly to get some computer paper; I was all out). And while I passing the pond near Metro Hall (beside Roy Thompson Hall), I noticed a bizarre event occurring in the water. Three saxophonists standing knee-deep in the pond, playing some never-ending Phillip Glassish piece whilst four women in swimsuits and goggles gyrated through a very odd mixture of dance which involved jerky arm, head, and leg movements. It was all very surreal and I found myself standing slack-jawed (along with a crowd of other hapless passersby) trying to figure it out for several long minutes before losing interest and moving on.

Life is never dull in Toronto.

Went to my sister's last night for a birthday celebration for my brother-in-law Kaarel. Annie calls me "Debbie" now (no more "beebee" :( ). When I arrived, I could hear her start to cheer "YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY" as she came careening down the hall at me. Sara was wearing her Snow White costume.

Recently I've been partial to having a potato for lunch. A big baked potato, microwaved, then split and covered in cottage cheese and some grated cheddar cheese sprinkled on top. Yum. Much easier to put together than a sandwich, as far as I'm concerned. Although I like eating them, I hate making sandwiches. Especially if I'm also making them for Jeff...he's incredibly picky when it comes to putting a sandwich together (preparation and order of contents). I have to admit his sandwiches are great, but I always feel pressured when I'm making one for him. Sandwich Stress.

FOOD POLL: What is your favourite kind of sandwich? My taste varies, though recently I've been leaning towards interesting vegetarian sandwiches (my friend Helen converted me to avocado recently).

Today's pictures: (morning) Early evening baggie scene (late afternoon) Allison, Beckett & Tom at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

p.s. Hey, Jeff just posted a blatherchat message from New York!

p.p.s. Inklings has over 46,000 subscribers, woohoo!

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