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Last time we babysat Sara and Annie, Jeff and I took them on a walk along Yonge Street. We bought them icecream and slushes. Annie managed to get half her icecream on her face within thirty seconds. At the playground, we played on the swings and the slides. I've discovered that going on the swings give sme motion I old or what?? It's hard to say no, though, when a four-year-old wants you to go on the swings with her. So I grit my teeth and dutifully swing back and forth, trying not to throw up, while Sara is yelling, "Higher, Auntie Debbie! Higher!"

We promised Sara and Annie each a small toy. Annie chose a small plastic duck necklace. The duck was filled with bubble liquid, and after unscrewing the duck's head, you could blow bubbles with it.
Sara chose a Teletubby named Po (sp?), which is supposedly the smallest Teletubby. She was very pleased with Po, carried her (I think Po is a her) everywhere. The next day, however, we were warned that Sara had apparently lost Po. Her father retraced their route, looking for Po, but was unsuccessful. Sara was in tears, of course, but comforted herself with the cardboard tag that had been cut off Po's head. The tag had a picture of Po on it; she started carrying the tag around instead. "See?" Sara told us next time she saw us, showing us the tag. "I still have a Po." Uncle Jeff, of course, wanted to rush out right away and buy her another Po, but was convinced against it (or at least wait until her birthday next month). Fortunately, Po has been found...apparently Sara had stuck it in a special bag she had in her room and forgot she did so.

I know that story just thrilled you all to pieces. :-) Why do my niece's lives seem so much more exciting than mine? Wouldn't you rather hear The Story Of Po than about project management software?

Last night, Jeff and I decided to take a stroll along Queen Street West. Browsed Pages (great bookstore), peered into the windows of the Paramount where a mega-Chapters store is being completed, had a coffee at a corner Starbucks (I had a caramel macchiato, Jeff had a frappucino). We sat outside on the patio, talking for a while. Relaxing evening; we should do that more often.

Monday, June 21, 1999


    Went to the annual Webgrrls bash on Friday night, had fun. Also got an Adobe book
    bag with a bunch of freebies inside.

    re: Sara graduation. My sister has pointed out that Sara was graduating from junior
    to senior KINDERGARTEN, not nursery school. Humble apologies to Sara!

    I have succumbed and bought FastTrack, a project management program. Never thought
    I would need one, but it's going to help keep me sane, I think. :-)

    Learned a new penny whistle piece called "Smash The Windows", lots of fun to play.
    It's Chiff & Fipple's
    Tune of the Month

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