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star wars tonight!

Jeff and I have tickets to see Star Wars at 12:30 a.m. tonight, woohoo!

Looks like the Talis Kimberley interview might actually be ready for posting within the day or two.(I'm just waiting for her to approve the final text before linking it up)

Oops, Allison pointed out in blatherchat that Dave gave us chocolate BEARS, not bunnies. She is absolutely right. I haven't yet broken into mine yet.

Visited with Annie and Sara yesterday (I had been missing them terribly)...went to a nearby park, and then came back to the house for a pillowfight. For pillowfights, I take off my glasses (rendering me almost completely blind, much to the delight of my nieces) and then sit there while both Annie and Sara attack me with pillows, shrieking. From time to time I throw pillows back at them, but mostly I sit there to be battered about, and also try to make sure Annie doesn't fall off the edge of the bed.

Today, my building is testing the emergency generator to make sure the building is Y2K compliant.

Officemusic: INTO THE FIRE (Phoenix)

2:17 pm Seems there are already a bunch of people in line for the midnight showing tonight at Festival Hall! I'm going to start lining up at about 5 pmish with our friend Scott Murray; Jeff and Helen will take over for an hour or two this evening so I can come back and do more work. It's supposed to pour rain tonight; oh joy. Anyway, we might have a laptop with us...if we do, I'll post in Blatherchat from line tonight. Are we technogeeks, or what? :-)

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