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dave and sam visit

Had a *great* visit with Dave Clement, who was in town to see Sam Baardman perform at the Levity Bakery yesterday afternoon. Relaxing, low-key weekend...a bit of music here and there, but mostly just hanging out at my place and talking.

Dave had brought a big paper bag with him...left it on top of the coffee table (where it was a centerpiece for most of the weekend) but then ignored it. Allison, Jodi and I were dying of curiosity, of course, but were too polite to ask what was in it. Last night, however, Dave finally said that he had waiting for us to ask about it, and was surprised by how long we had resisted! :D Turns out the bag contained one large chocolate bunny for each of us, yum.

Sam's gig at Levity Bakery went wonderfully, and the place was packed. Judith and Dave Hayman were in the audience, as well as Sam's brother. Went back for Chinese food at my place after, though Sam had to take off for a couple of hours to do a radio interview for CKLN. Everyone must buy his new CD! (which will be released in a couple of weeks; we got to hear a raw version and were quite blown away)

Quite enjoyed getting to know Sam better last night, too. Conversation ranged from recording stuff to folk festival stuff to Jodi's songwriting webpage to food. Food poll of the evening: what is your favourite popsicle flavour? Allison & I voted strongly for banana, Sam and Dave preferred orange, Jodi leaned towards grape. (What about the rest of you? Don't laugh...this is an Important Question; you can tell a lot about a person from their preferred popsicle flavour)

Said good-bye to Dave at the airport about an hour ago. The airport people gave me a temporary pass so I could hang out with him until he boarded the plane (I didn't realize that was possible), so we got some extra time together. Sam's leaving in about an hour.

Woohoo! Jeff and I have tickets to the 12:30 a.m. Wednesday showing of THE PHANTOM MENACE at the new Festival Hall theater a couple of blocks away from here. The 12:04 and 12:15 a.m. showings were already sold out.

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