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my famous sister

Hey, my sister Ruth is giving a speech at the Young Authors' conference at McGill University in Montreal right now. Also, she's been picked by Chatelaine magazine to be included in their Who's Who of Canadian Women book, published this fall. I have such a cool sister. :-)

Hanging out with some misc.writing folks tonight, should be fun. Interesting, too, since some of us haven't met most of the others. Will we all hate each other? It's sometimes difficult to really know what someone's like just through email contact. Online, it's far too easy to pretend to be something you're not. As an experiment, I once logged onto AOL under a pseudonym and cruised through some of the teen chats, pretending to be a 13-year-old girl named Melanie. No one questioned me or seemed at all suspicious. For all I know, everyone in those chat rooms could have been adults pretending to be teenagers! If I had a teenage daughter, however, I'd certainly be unnerved, and have a long talk with her about being careful about giving away too much personal information, etc.

Went to see GO with Jeff and Helen last night, quite enjoyed it. Tickets for the Star Wars movie goes on sale this afternoon at the York. I'm not going to even TRY...Jeff saw people waiting in line at one of the Toronto theatres several days ago...and the movie doesn't open until next Wednesday!

Blatherchat comments:

    To Luisa: I want to see a picture of you in that dress! I promise not to post it on my Blatherings page, really! I wanna try that Frappucino thingy you described, yum.

    To Howard: Jelly Belly tie? :D Where on earth...

    To Steve: my favourite kind of hot chocolate is the kind made with miniature marshmallows and/or whipped cream. Don't think I've ever had "genuine" hot chocolate (i.e. made with real chocolate).

    To Sionnain: I've never tried any of the flavoured syrups in my coffee, just flavoured creamer.

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