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one more day til FKO

Apologies for the lack of blatherings...I've been in revved-up workmode so I can take part of Friday off.

Ran through our concert set last night at practice and put the finishing touches on our Interfilk donation basket. The basket contains a bunch of chocolate and fun stuff (including a candy drill, Kinder Eggs, Jelly Bellies, Godiva truffles), a stuffed penguin, a bottle of plum wine, a copy of North Coast Cabaret (has a live recording of us performing The Neurotic Love Song), a tape full of 90 minutes of UT song & silliness recorded during the last four practices in Allison's living room, and lyrics/chords to *all* the songs on the tape.

Songs on the tape: Marvin, Life Is A Bowl Of Oreo Cookies, Me and Babylon Five, Silence and Memory, Temper of Defeat, our three "Pegasus parody" songs (including the third song that will never ever be heard in public ever ever, and no...don't ask us to sing it in open filk because we will have to decline! =:-O), We're Urban Tapestry, The Truth Is Out There, Truffles, Homecoming, Friendship Song, The Road Home, Another Story, Parody Man, Jelly Belly Song, Mr. Jelly Belly's Coming After You, Ich Mag Schokolade, Hey Tom!, Duct Tape Man, Battle On!, Monday, Twinkle In His Eye, Like The Dorsai, It Said What?, Home to FilKONtario, This Is A Filksong. Sum total: 27 songs (none are available on any of our albums), approx. 90 minutes. Two of these songs were written last week and will be premiered in our Saturday concert.

One copy of this tape and lyric/chords will be donated to the FKO Interfilk auction. One other copy with lyric/chords will be donated to the UK Filk con (for those of you who don't know, we've been invited to be Overseas Guests in Milton Keynes next February! For more info about this con, please email

Anyway, here's the chorus to the last song in our concert this pretty much sums up Allison's, Jodi's and my feelings about this coming weekend:

    Bring me home to FilKONtario
    Stay, sing with me we'll
    be all right, sing all night
    with my friends at FilKONtario.

Gary's Consonance report is now online. And hey, Lyanne, I saw your message in Blatherchat...looking forward to seeing you! Steve & Andrea...I never heard that Jerry Springer anecdote. I'm going to have to look up Jerry Springer websites to figure out how to draw him...

Hope to see some of you tomorrow night...

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