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banana conspiracy

So what's the deal with bananas? I bought a bunch of bananas on Monday that were relatively green. They turned ripe enough to eat on Wednesday. By the end of Wednesday, though, they started getting brown spots all over them. I woke up this morning to find them almost TOO ripe. I've become convinced that this is all some conspiracy of banana growers! They've managed to genetically alter bananas so that they're actually only ripe for a period of about two hours. Before then, they're too green. After that, they're too mushy. I'd go picket the local banana grower import centre, but I'm too busy eating bananas.

Had a great practice last night (Jodi and Allison are so cool). Allison and I both wrote new songs this past week! And UT is going to perform both in our concert next weekend!! Are we insane or what? :-) Anyway, both are way fun to do. We also put some more songs on our Interfilk donation tape: Monday (a song Allison wrote after last year's FKO, when we were all going through major post-con blues; this is one of my favourite UT songs), Like The Dorsai, It Said What, and Twinkle In His Eye. This brings the total of songs on the tape to 25, woohoo! The package also includes Jelly Bellies (tm), chocolate, plum wine, and the lyrics/chords to all the songs.


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