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r.i.p. flounder

Last night, while we were having dinner at my sister's place, Flounder Bluey (pet fish) died. Just before dinner, Flounder began swimming in odd jerky motions on his side for no apparent reason. Flounder had already lived far past his expected lifespan, so we knew the end was inevitable. Ruth and Kaarel had a hastily whispered conference about what to do...flush Flounder down the toilet after death so that the children (especially Sara, who was very fond of Flounder) wouldn't have to view his corpse? Tell Sara before or after dinner? Tonight or tomorrow?

We adults tried to keep our eyes off the fish tank (which was on top of the piano within view of the dinner table). Moving the fish tank out of the room would draw attention to it, so we left it where it was, hoping Flounder would mercifully pass out of this world before Sara noticed his final gyrations.

Fortunately, Flounder cooperated. After dinner, Kaarel gently broke the news to Sara, who was very distraught. Annie was just fascinated. Ruth tells me they buried Flounder today. After the brief ceremony, they had hot chocolate and everyone was allowed to say the word "fish" again.

Apparently Sara accidentally cut a worm in half while digging, but didn't notice.

Amanda started today!

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