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Went to see Toy Story 2 again with Scott D. (his first time) and was pleasantly surprised to find outtakes at the end of the movie, through the end credits...these weren't there the first time I saw the movie. Also went to see GalaxyQuest with Scott D. and Jeff...I liked it, Jeff was neutral, Scott gave it a thumbs down. You definitely have to be somewhat of an sf fan (esp. of Star Trek) to appreciate this movie, I think.

Is Toronto the only city suffering from iciclitis this winter? "Icicle lights" seem to be all the rage this year, and are causing heaps of controversy. How Christmas lights can cause such raging debate is beyond me, but then again Toronto doesn't have anything else to get upset about these days.

Hey, I've been asked to do another book. Sounds like a very cool project (it's a kids' book), if the timing works out okay. More details if things solidify to the point where I can give details. :-)

Anyone have any predictions for the year 2000? Please post them in blatherchat. If you're interested in seeing past Blatherchat predictions for 1999, see the Blatherchat archives. Just a few:

  • I predict that the Y2K problem will turn out to be greatly overblown. However, there will be major disruptions caused by attempts to install Y2K quick fixes in Fall 1999 and a flood of Y2K lawsuits starting on 03 Jan 2000. -- I predict that The Artist Formerly Known As Prince will make a huge pile of money on "Party Like It's 1999". -- I predict that we will see more of the old-fashioned type of card games where all the cards come in the initial set -- I predict a wave of really bad political-scandal movies, and perhaps one or two good ones. (Steve Brinich)
  • I predict the Vikings and Broncos will meet in the Superbowl. Internet stocks will continue to rise, then take a dip as Y2K approaches, only to roar back. The Star Wars movie will be good, but cannot live up to the overblown hype (though it will set an opening weekend record). The Prince of Egypt will win the Oscar for Best Original Song and Best Score. (Joe Neff)
  • Given my birthday horoscope a few weeks back said "March of 1999 will be most memorable," I predict I'll have a great time at Consonance and FilkONtario!! ;-) (Gary)

Allison's coming to visit the office today, and we're having lunch. Hopefully we'll find some place not very near the Hasty Market. :-)

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