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barbie ritual

Reid has some pictures of the new office on the web. None of the pics have my office corner, though; I'll try to get one online soon. Pic#1 is of Doug and me at Doug's desk (Jeff, Doug and I were having dinner in the office). I look pretty spaced out...thanks, Reid! :) Pic#2 is a view of the office as you come in and look slightly left. You can see Jeff's office corner in this photo, as well as my new African drum on top of the bookshelf. The shelves have more books now, by the way. :) Pic#3 is of the ladder storage area...Jeff and Scott M. are very proud of this. :-) We needed somewhere to store our ladder, and J & S rigged up a cool pulley system in the ceiling.

Went to my sister's for dinner on Sunday. After dinner was the Barbie ritual (well, it's been a ritual for two weekends so far). Annie asked for the Barbie song so they put on the tape I had made Sara and we (Kaarel, Ruth, Jeff, me, Sara, Annie) all danced around in the living room at Annie's and Sara's insistence. Sara would call out instructions as if it was some kind of square dance. "Arch!" meant that Jeff and I would join hands and Ruth and Kaarel would join hands, holding them high up so Sara and Annie could run underneath. Then we had to switch partners. Afterwards, Sara and Annie jump up and down, yelling in delight, "AGAIN! AGAIN!"

I'm glad I didn't record the song more that twice in a row.

I've decided I want to buy something on eBay. Something small, it doesn't really matter what...but I want the eBay experience! I remember scoffing at the idea when I first heard about it, but friends who have used the service have been really pleased with the results.

POLL: What should the next decade be called?

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