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moving into office!

Workworkwork. Spending most of today and the weekend moving into my new office. Fingers crossed!

Sadly, Mahir's home page ("THIS IS MY PERSONAL HOMEPAGE! I KISS YOU!!!!") is no more. And it turns out that Mahir didn't really have any personal connection with the page at all! Still, a number of fan clubs have sprung up all over the can find a partial list at the URL where his "home page" used to be.

My Letter Of The Day:

    Hi Debbie:

    Just wanted to drop you a line. I have been reading Inklings for a few years. I am a new writer with about 12 publishing credits to my name. Over the past few months, I have had a great deal of rejection, and was ready to give up and go back to school and become a Webmaster. Also, I had followed up on a few of the market listings in Inklings, and again rejection for articles I submitted on spec. Literally, I was ready to give up on my writing this week, and go back to school.

    Today, I got a call from a market you listed in the classifieds (I sent my resume and writing samples) and landed a five figure contract for a long term writing project. I just wanted to thank you for the Web site and helping writers make connections with editors and publishers.

Wow, five figures? I'd better start keeping a closer tab on those Markets Classifieds myself.... :-)

And here's a letter from Solomon Davidoff re: his cookbook project:

To Serve Fan: The Filkers/Fandom Cookbook Project

    This cookbook is actually sorta serious, but if you want to include a story or a song, it can be done (if in recipe form). It's a general cookbook, so I'm looking for all sorts of recipes. It's also going to have some proceeds going to fannish charities/fundraisers, such as Interfilk. I will only accept recipes here, on:

    or sent to me at: Solomon Davidoff, 724 Sixth St. #4, Bowling Green, OH 43402. Deadline for the first cookbook (more if there is interest) is December 15th, 1999

    If you send me a SASE, I an send you back some forms for filling out your recipes onto. I have 1000 of them, so that should be enough *grin*.

    Each contributor will be able to purchase up to five cookbooks at $1 off (I'm planning on pricing the thing between $8 or $10), but let me know how many you want. I can order more, but it's cheaper to get them all at once.

    Sorry I'm not giving away free books, but this is in part a fund-raiser. In fact, I'm entering it in a cookbook competition, and if we win, the charities involved win big! (I won't get a penny out of that, and it's seperate from the money from each book that will be going out).

    Any questions? Send me e-mail or snail-mail at the eddress/address above.

    PLEASE pass this info along!

    -Solomon Davidoff

Speaking of cooking, I forgot to explain the current Blatherings photo. It was sent to me from my Dad, who is currently teaching in a school in Japan. Apparently students take turns serving meals at lunchtime to other students. Those are children from Grade One and Two in the photo. :-)

Had a meeting with our accountant yesterday, Christopher Luty, about incorporating Inkspot. He is very cool. He plays a mean guitar and also is a fan of Terry Pratchett Discworld series (he's going to lend me some). And he also promises to send in a photo to add to my Geeky School Photo Page.

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