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looking for patrick stewart

So Luisa and I decided to go snooping through Metro Hall on our lunch break yesterday, to see how far we could get onto the set of the X-Men before we were hauled away. Amazingly, we weren't. I'm still convinced it's because Luisa looked so confident, as if she belonged...if it was just me, I'm sure they would have seen the guilty look on the face right away and thrown me off the set area immediately. I've always been the kind to feel incredibly guilty when the customs people are asking questions at the border even if I had absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.

Anyway, we strolled past the coffee and donuts tables, camera and lighting equipment, signs saying "NO EXTRAS PAST THIS POINT" (well, we weren't extras, were we?), people rushing about with headsets and clipboards. We even passed by the Council Chambers where filming was taking headset person went inside as we passed, giving us a tantalizing brief glimpse (lots of lights, cameras) of the interior before the door closed again. Luisa chatted briefly with one of the cheery headset-and-clipboard people; she's MUCH nervier than I am. :-)

Hand-written signs posted around the main lobby had pointed the way to the cast refreshment area, freight elevator, etc. No mention of the full title of the movie, just a mysterious "X".

Had a fun practice with Allison and Jodi in the evening. Exchanged presents...hey, even I got presents, even if it wasn't my birthday! Jodi got me Belgian chocolates, and Allison got me a cool percussion frog thingy. Had boozy coffees. Practiced Jodi's Dorsai song (Allison added harmonies, and I'll be adding a single flute line accompaniment), my new Phantom Menace song (this is going to be SO much fun to perform :)), and Allison's Bhigg House song (Jodi added harmonies, and I was delighted to find I still remembered my penny whistle part).

Got home to find Jeff and Doug working on an upcoming project. They both seemed deeply engrossed in their tech talk, so I retreated to the bedroom with my Harry Potter book (I'm on the second one, now).

To all fellow Canadians: have a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

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