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jeff & inkspot

Yesterday was Jeff's first day officially home and working for Inkspot. Sadly, he was too sick to do very much...looks like we both caught the same bug from our beloved niece, Brittany. It's amazing how robust toddler germs can be. We ended up ordering out for pizza last night and watching the end of Volcano on tv (starring Tommy Lee Jones), surrounded by boxes of Kleenex(tm) and bottles of Nyquil. Tommy Lee was great, of course (yes, I'm a fan), but the movie was mediocre at best.

We still haven't moved into our new office space, as you might have noticed. Jeff is going to be getting Internet access arranged, a phone system, an alarm system, and also a new paint job before we move furniture into the space. I'm going to be away the next two weekends (this weekend is the Surrey Writers' Conference, the following weekend is OVFF), but Jeff and Doug will be working on getting the office space ready while I'm gone. Our goal: to move in by the end of the month.

I've gotten hooked on the desktop version of Brainforest Professional, by the way. If you have a Pilot, I highly recommend it.


I tried my first fig the other day. Every so often I get the impulse to try a vegetable or fruit I've never had before. This time it was figs. Wow, are they ever weird-looking. Very ugly...the first person that ever tried a fig must have been pretty desperately hungry. I have to confess I was pretty disappointed when I actually peeled one open to eat. Lots of seeds, sort of gooey. Or maybe you're not supposed to eat them raw? The only types of figs I've eaten before have come in Fig Newtons. Fig advice welcome.

more barbie stuff

Kaarel (Sara's dad) pointed out in Blatherchat that the "80 Barbies" thing from yesterday was an unconfirmed rumor (i.e. Sara's classmate may not have been telling the whole truth about having eighty Barbies in her possession). But talking about Casey started me thinking about all my old toys, and I began to wonder if I could get hold of Casey again. So I checked eBay, of course. No Casey, sadly. Actually, there was a Casey listed, but the seller admitted that he/she wasn't sure if the doll was Casey. I can verify that it WASN'T, or at least the Casey I remember (short, pageboy blonde hair). I still haven't given up, though.

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