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looking for insurance

jodi is 30 (and John Hall is 50!)

Happy Birthday to my wonderful music partner JODI, who has entered a new decade (Allison's and my decade :-))! Allison's birthday is on October 3rd. If you are a friend of either Jodi's or Allison's and would like to attend their Virtual Birthday Party, please let me know and I'll send you the URL. No pets, please, and refreshments are welcome.

Also, John Hall is 50 YEARS OLD today. Many happy returns, John!!

In theory, I get my office space today. In reality, I still don't have the keys. :-( Reason: my lease stipulates that I have to get liability insurance first. I had been told this would be no problem, but unfortunately I'm not finding this to be the case. Insurance companies seem to be paranoid of insuring Internet companies right now, it seems. Jeff's been helping me, and here's a sample conversation (I kid you not):

    JEFF: ...and that's a brief description of Inkspot. So could you please give me some info about what's involved in getting liability insurance?

    INSURANCE BROKER: Why on earth are you getting into that business now?

    JEFF (confused): I beg your pardon?

    I.B.: You know...COMPUTERS. What with Y2K and all.

I still retain hope; there are, after all, a zillion (more or less) Internet companies out there with their own offices already. We've found a broker who finally seems to understand this, and the property manager of the building is also trying to help us. Please wish us luck. :-)

Our friend Brian flew home from the UK yesterday, this time for good; we picked him up at the airport. It's nice to have him back at home. :-)

UPDATE: Woohoo, we found an insurance company for Inkspot! Lots of calls and faxing today; looks like we might get our keys after all. :-)

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