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fune dream

Allison is sick! :-( Please send her get well email.

Had a very odd dream last night. Allison, Jodi, and I were sitting in a restaurant (which looked remarkably like Fune, my favourite Japanese restaurant just down the street) with Scott & Amanda Snyder, passing around a see-through bag of Jelly Bellies (tm). The bag kept slipping out of our hands, and we all thought it hysterically funny for some reason. In fact, I laughed so hard in my dream that I woke up, still laughing. "That was the funniest dream I've had in a long time," I recall thinking to myself in amusement. Then, a few minutes later, "Hmm...that wasn't funny at all, really. Why was I laughing so hard?"

Any guesses from you psych-types out there on what my dream REALLY means? (feel free to let your imagination run wild, but please remember this is a G-rated website! :-)) Post your interpretations in blatherchat. And why is it that other people seem to have dreams so much more incredibly interesting than the ones I have? One friend of ours has entire spy movies scripted out in his dreams, ones that I'd actually like to watch! But who would be at all interested in watching a bunch of people pass around a bag of Jelly Bellies? Sigh.

Looks like we can't get ADSL after all...Sympatico people did a test on our phone line and apparently we're too far from a switch thingy. Double sigh.

Hey, Rice Paper magazine (Asian Canadian literary & media arts publication) is doing a profile of me in an upcoming issue.

Officemusic: Lola (Sphincter and the Juice Police).

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