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A while ago, Phil and Lissa Allcock sent me a Jelly Belly t-shirt and a membership application for the UK Jelly Belly Taste Bud Club. I only got around to mailing it in several months ago, not really expecting to hear anything back (I figured they would figure Canada too Foreign And Far Away to bother with sending me anything).

HOWEVER...I got a letter from Mr. Jelly Belly himself! (at least the letter is signed with a ballpoint pen as "Mr. Jelly Belly", and I can't imagine anyone daring to masquerade as the Great Jelly Bean himself) Welcoming me to "Britain's most exclusive and certainly its most discerning jelly bean club". I'm so excited! I also got a membership card and Taste Bud Club pin!!! I'll take a photo of it with my QuickCam and post it later today for your perusal.

Thanks so much, Phil and Lissa! :-)

Jeff and I are both working all day today. Rewarding ourselves with massages at the King Edward Hotel spa after...a gift from one of Jeff's clients.

p.s. Yes, I know the Hermon Goelitz company has caused me pain in the past, but I've decided that must have been against the wishes of Mr. Jelly Belly. Besides, if I carried a grudge too long, then I would have to boycott Jelly Bellies, and I like them too much to do that. I am so Weak.

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