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palm pilot iii

I have a Palm Pilot III! Sold my old Pilot. Jeff and I made Scott D. ill last week by beaming appointments and memos to each other.

Dinner at my sister's last night. I find meals so entertaining there. Last time, Sara was pretending to be a wolf while Annie rubbed chicken bits in her hair. After, we all headed over to Starbucks on Queen Street for a coffee. Today's blathering pic is a drawing Sara gave me yesterday. She knows how to write her name ("Sara T."), only backwards. Sara starts junior kindergarten this Friday...she's very excited.

Worked most of yesterday, though some friends came over in the evening. We watched The English Patient (which I quite liked), tried Volcanic Mud Foot Treatment, made popcorn. The Mud was fascinating...smelled like cloves, and seemed to heat up after being slathered on our feet. After we washed the mud off in our tub (we had to walk there with our feet in plastic bags), our feet nicely exfoliated and tingly. :-) We also experimented with temporary tattoos and different colours of nail polish (I generally never wear either, so it was a rather interesting experience for me :)). The polish on my fingernails was too distracting, tho (it's all I could look at while I was typing, and you all know how I feel about anything that distracts me from communing with the Internet...) so I took it off last night. Annie was fascinated with my toes, though, and kept squatting and staring intently at them.

The other day, Sara asked me if I knew any Spice Girls songs. I said no. (She's only 4 years the heck did she find out about the Spice Girls???)

Officemusic: Eagles - HELL FREEZES OVER.

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