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Allison dropped by last night. Found out about on the Word on the Street Festival from annual literacy street festival that takes place a couple blocks from my place. Went there this afternoon, bought a hot dog, browsed the booths. Ran into my sister Ruth!! She had a book signing at the Annick Press booth.

Working today. Forgot to mention a little while back...Inklings has over 40,000 subscribers, woohoo! :-)

Katy and Ju have a new website:
Great new domain name!! :-)


"Debbie says I'm supposed to write something wonky, cute and charming like she manages to come up with everyday, you know, something about chocolate chili or biking or adorable Sara phrases or my favorite jelly belly flavour or how to tie together a kimono. But instead I'll describe Deb's office to you all. She has a strange purple spider hanging above her computer. Her mouse pad has Ghirardelli chocolate all over it, she has a bouquet of wheat on one side and a holograph of the Enterprise on the wall. Two posters of Patrick Stewart on the wall, big surprise, eh? Beckett's painting of the last UT CD cover over the door. A cluttered in/out box. And, hey!, the candy cane reindeer I gave her last Christmas :). An empty Fruitopia can... Oh oh, Deb is threatening to scan terrible photos of me on the top of the page (like that one last week!) if I don't behave, so I better go now."


I did not tell her to come with up with something "wonky, cute and charming"! I just threatened her with Horrible Things if she didn't do a guest Blather for me. :-) And that wasn't a horrible photo of you, Allison, that was a WONKY, CUTE AND CHARMING photo! As is today's, of course. >:-)

My Ghirardelli mousepad was a kind gift from Paul & Beckett. The strange purple spider is a very CUTE strange purple spider that I picked up at a craft show, fashioned from wood and wire. The bouquet of wheat used to be a lot more bountiful-looking, but I keep accidentally knocking my pencil holder (which also serves as my wheat bouquet holder) off my desk. :-) One Patrick Stewart is a "Learn To Read" poster I got from one of the libraries in which Urban Tapestry performed a children's concert. The other Patrick Stewart poster was a gift from Paul Kwinn (thanks Paul!). The candy cane reindeer was indeed from Allison, after I unfeelingly cannibalized the REAL candy cane reindeer she gave me a couple of Christmases ago.

Officemusic: Ookla the Mok's SUPER SECRET.

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