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chili day

Thanks to those who responded to my comment about musicals! Lissa, I forgot all about Seven Bridges For Seven Brothers! Loved that movie, must rent it sometime. And West Side Story. And it's true, Allison and I want UT to cover that "Seasons of Love" piece from Rent. Also love Grease! It's one of the few videos we own. Jeff despises it, though, so I can only watch it when he's not around. I've practically memorized all the songs from the movie. And how could I have forgotten the King and I? I always bawl through that last bit of that movie. And I'm immensely jealous of anyone who saw the play with Yul Brynner. Merav, I liked your comment, "Filking musicals can be hysterical fun. That is if you start out hysterical enough." :)

Am reading a wonderful book of poems lent to me by Rand: THE TUNNEL, by Russell Edson. Must buy this book for myself...look out,! Many of the poems are the sort that could make you laugh or cry, depending on your mood and interpretation.

Actually cooked something from scratch yesterday (since I got Internet access, my cooking skills have sadly degenerated) because I was overtaken by a sudden craving for chili con carne. My recipe for chili last night:

  1. Remember to defrost a pound or so of ground beef. This is the killer for me, since it requires deciding in the morning what I'm going to have in the evening.
  2. Cook the hamburger.
  3. Vaguely recall that some chopped up onions would be nice, but realize I don't have any. Hunt around in the freezer and find an aged bag of frozen chopped onions. Hammer off a chunk into the pot and watch the icy bits slowly melt.
  4. Add a can of tomatoes and two cans of kidney beans.
  5. Look for my bag of frozen peppers, sadly realize I used them all up.
  6. Look for tomato paste, can't find any, decide to use a small can of tomato sauce instead.
  7. Stir it all around for a while, decide to add more tomatoes. Hm...looks awfully watery, maybe substituting for the tomato paste wasn't such a great idea.
  8. Be overcome by hunger and do a tasting. A bit bland.
  9. Add salt, sugar (don't make that face, I only add a BIT), pepper, Worcestshire sauce, marjoram, garlic powder, Pickapeppa sauce, soy sauce, cumin, and loads o' chili powder.
  10. Be overcome by hunger again and do another tasting. Much better. Add more chili powder. Not as watery now, good.
  11. Bring to a boil (do another tasting first), then let simmer for ages. Taste every once in a while.
  12. When the chili is actually finished, I am too full (from all the tastings I did) to have any, so I let it cool and put it in the fridge. Chili generally tastes better the next day anyway, right? :)

Hung out at Karen Linsley's and Lloyd Landa's last night, did musicstuff. Those two are so talented it makes me ill. :) I'm disappointed to have to miss their concert at OVFF! UT is sadly unable to attend OVFF this year because it falls on Canadian Thanksgiving, but those of you who ARE attending should definitely check out Karen and Lloyd's's bound to be a real treat.

UT practice tonight!

Officemusic: Indigo Girls - SWAMP OPHELIA.

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