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food movies

Went biking with David this morning. We decided to start our ride at 7:30 a.m. instead of 7 from now on to avoid having to ride in the dark! :) It's getting colder out now so we both bundled up more than usual, and the Martin Goodman Trail was almost empty (compared to mid-summer, anyway). We stopped for a break on some sunny rocks just past the Humber Bike Bridge (I'm not sure if this is the real name of the bridge, but it's my personal nickname for it). David showed me some pics from his kayak expedition. He had sent me a great trip report earlier this week (after I bugged him for details...all he told me is that it was an 'awesome' trip, and naturally I wanted more details!), and a friend posted it on the web along with some can see Dave's Kayak Expedition '98 report at
Dave and I plan to keep biking as late in the season as possible...we'll see how the Toronto weather holds out for us. :)

Saw a good Food Movie last night called The Big Night. I love Food Movies, and welcome suggestions! Some of my favourite Food Movies include Tampopo, Babette's Feast. Also liked Like Water For Chocolate (I think that was the title). Tampopo is my very favourite, and I always get a desperate craving for Japanese noodles right after.

Speaking of Japanese, Jeff & I went to Fune last night. Had my usual: salmon sashimi, steamed rice, shiitake mushrooms. Jeff & I also really like ume-shiso sushi, a new discovery (it's not on the menu, but Chris suggested it to us one day). This is a sushi roll with pickled plum paste and a shiso leaf as a filling. Reminded me a lot of a snack my mom used to make all the time when we went on day trips or picnics as a family...sushi rice rolled into a ball with a piece of pickled plum (say that ten times fast) inside, rolled in poppy seeds. YUMMMMMMM. The taste of pickled plum isn't for everyone, and is definitely meant to be eaten with something bland, like sushi rice. I'm sure if shiso leaves were handy, she would have put them inside as well. My grandfather used to grow shiso in his garden, and I had considered growing it when I lived out in the country.

How on earth did I end up getting on THAT tangent?

Officemusic: Sam Baardman's KICKING THE STONE HOME.

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