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Loads of fun at the cottage with Ruth, Kaarel & kids. Both Sara (4) and Annie (1) looooved it. Sara caught her first fish! Sara asked Jeff to teach her how to fish on their first night, and Jeff showed her how to fish off the dock. She used a lure, and shocked everyone when she actually got a bite! While Jeff finished reeling the fish in, Sara ran around excitedly looking for the bucket. They put the fish (a small bass) into the pail and everyone admired it, then Sara put it back into the lake. She was very into the fishing thing for the rest of the weekend, pretending she was a fish while Uncle Jeff used a string tied onto the end of a piece of kindling to try to catch her, etc. Annie loooved the motorboat. She hated having to wear a life jacket until she saw Sara wearing one...she's very into copying Sara these days. She still calls me BeeBee. Annie uses a lot of one-word sentences now, some two-word. Her favourite game with me was for me to lift her into the air, Superman style, with her arms and legs sticking out while she yelled, "FLY! FLY!" Then she'd say, "Down", which was my cue to gently lower her to the floor. Sara's favourite weekend game with me was the "princess leaving the castle, much to the dismay of her father, the king" game.


SARA: My dear family, I must go, never to return.

ME: Oh my darling daughter! Please don't go!

SARA (dramatically): I must.

ME (sobbing dramatically): Oh please no! I will miss you so much!

SARA: I am going now...

ME: My daughter!

SARA: There, I'm gone. I'm here in this house with the door closed.

ME: Oh, let me open the door...

SARA: Sorry, it's locked.

ME: Good thing I have the key!

SARA (grabbing 'key' in delight): No, you don't!

ME: Then I will have to use the window...

SARA (making slamming motions): The window's shut!

ME: Then I'll have to use this rock to break it open...

SARA (giggling furiously now): No, I'm taking the rock away from you!

HER FATHER (who is watching amusedly nearby): Here, Debbie, you can use this axe...

SARA: No! I'm taking the axe away!


More cottage stories later this week.

Going to the Film Festival with my friend Craig tonight...we're seeing a film called "The Siege".

Officemusic: Jimmy Buffet's FRUITCAKE.

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