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Went to see The Mark of Zorro on Tuesday night and quite enjoyed it...campy, fun. Quite liked the male lead, too. ;-)

Allison, Jodi and I are going to Taxi Stand Studios tonight to do recording for Puzzlebox.

David and I went cycling yesterday. I was dead tired (I had insomnia problems the night before), but David took it easy on me! I'll miss him while he's away on a kayak trip. I may vow I'll still go cycling by myself, but I know myself well enough by now to know I won't. :\

Hey, Lyanne Quirt sent me a newspaper clipping from the Ottawa Citizen from the WHEELS section, showing a picture of her with a bunch of other Bell High School students crammed into the new Volkswagen Beetle. :-) They fit 21 (!!) students into the New Beetle!!! She also sent me a....*gasp...SNAILMAIL LETTER. Wow. Actually handwritten on nice stationery and everything. :)

I used to be an avid snailmail correspondent. I would spend hours on handwritten letters, adding cartoons and stickers and so on. Since I got online, however, I've been sadly neglecting my snailmail-only correspondents. Most of my friends are online, after all, and snailmail seems so laborious now. To think that I actually used to go to the trouble of HANDWRITING a letter, sticking it in an ENVELOPE, scrummaging around for POSTAGE STAMPS, and then (and this is the real whammy) actually GOING OUTSIDE (yes, into the fresh air and sunlight) to find a mailbox.

(Pause while Debbie recovers...)

Seriously, though. When Lyanne and I first started corresponding (when she was about nine, I that right, Lyanne?), I started to find that I was actually ENJOYING the novelty of a snailmail correspondence again. Email can't quite replace the pleasure of finding a handwritten paper letter waiting in one's mailbox. Especially these days, when I tend to get so much junk email and most of my email is work-related. Getting surprise packages like the one Diana sent last week is also a joy. :-) It's also nice to be able to keep paper letters and reread them years later, something you can only do with email if you archive all your correspondence religiously (like a certain friend I know :-)).

Anyway, I predict snailmail will never die completely! In fact, I invite you all to send postcards (SNAILMAIL postcards, please)...I'll post them on my Blatherings over time. Send to:

    Debbie Ridpath Ohi

    55 McCaul St. Box 123

    Toronto, ON

    Canada M5T 2W7

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