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Adding our vocals and flute to Puzzlebox's "Dark Man" recording tonight
at Taxi Stand Studios.


Ruth called and said that Sara set up her first lemonade stand the other day, after being inspired by some lemons her grandma brought over. She was very excited and keen on the idea, and refused to let Ruth buy any lemonade because after all "if I let my family buy lemonade, there might not be any left for anyone else!" She only let her grandma buy one cup of lemonade (her grandma also made the lemonade). They priced the lemonade at 5 cents. Ruth watched in agony from the front screen porch (Sara's daddy sat with her) as neighbours and strangers passed by. Everyone smiled at Sara, but NO ONE BOUGHT ANY LEMONADE. How could people pass an adorable (and I'm being completely objective here, of course) four-year-old girl at a homemade lemonade stand and not buy any lemonade for five cents?!? I don't understand. Ruth was on the verge of calling up some neighbours begging them to go outside and buy some lemonade when TWO PEOPLE ACTUALLY DID BUY LEMONADE!!! Sara was overjoyed and thrilled, and both her parents immensely relieved.

My plea to all of you: Go out and buy some lemonade from a little kid right now! Go on! Do it!!!

Wow, I was in one of Anne Walker's dreams (see Blatherchat)! I'm honoured!

    "Oh boy, did I ever have a wierd dream last night... I dreamt that I was walking around Soho (the really "dodgy" part of
    London), and that all of a sudden a black cab pulled up, and out jumped Debbie! With crimped hair, and a very skimpy
    black outfit... Debbie was organising a book deal, according to my dream... And Allison had bought a sweet shop just
    around the corner from my parents' house (which, in the way of dreams was right next door to this huge building that
    Debbie had gone into). I tried to follow Debbie into the building to find out about her book deal, but the place turned into a
    huge music/book store and I couldn't find the escalator to get out! I was very relieved to wake up from that one. I'm trying
    to figure out when I ate the pickle that must have caused a dream that bizarre!"

'Skimpy black outfit', hm? :-D :-D

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