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the man outside my window

Went cycling with David this morning, up the Don Valley Trail (Don River Trail? I can never remember) Lots of nasty-looking clouds when we set off at 7 am, cleared up to a blue sky by the time we took our break on some rocks by the Don River.

Jeff sold his old Pilot and bought a fancy-pants Pilot III a couple days ago! I have Pilot Envy now.

Did some babysitting yesterday. Didn't see Sara at all (she was at Science Centre Camp), but Annie sure did hug me a lot. Ruth says that Annie also hugs rolled-up rugs and water faucets.

Read Karen Cushman's "The Midwife's Apprentice" yesterday (won the Newbery in 1995). Great book!

Forgot to mention an Interesting Event from Wednesday morning. I took out $80 from a money machine and didn't realize until I got to the post office that I had been ripped off $20! I only got three $20 bills instead of four. I went back to complain, but didn't really expect much action...I had no way of proving that I was telling the truth, after all. The customer service person gave me a hard look and went off to talk to someone in an office. Then she came out with a big smile and my $20...apparently the person who used the money machine after me had noticed an extra $20 bill in her withdrawal AND TOOK THE $20 BILL INTO THE BANK TO TELL THEM ABOUT THE MISTAKE!!!! Whenever something like this happens, it helps restore a little bit of my faith in mankind.

Bought a book called "How To Organize Your Work and Your Life" at Indigo yesterday. Now if only I can find time to read it...

Jeff and I are going on a short canoe trip this weekend. This will be my very first canoe trip! I'll post a report when I get back.

I am getting tired of having men outside my office window. This morning when I sat down at my computer, there was a man's face right outside my window. My blinds were mostly closed, but open just enough so that I could see him (and he could see me, I assume). Of course I should have just reached out and closed the blinds all the way, but I was afraid of hurting the guy's feelings. I am such a weenie. I tried ignoring him, but couldn't, so I left my office to brush my hair and put on a nicer t-shirt (the guy wasn't all that bad-looking), but when I got back he was gone. There were no ambulances outside, so I assume this meant he had just moved to work on another part of the building and that he hadn't fallen off the work platform thingy and plummeted to his doom.

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