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my messy office

There are men outside my window. The drilling has stopped, but they are doing something else now. One of them is singing obnoxious songs off-key...I would almost rather have had the drilling. I have left my blinds open a crack to let in the light, and I can't help but wonder if any of them have peeked in and been horrified by my messy office. Then I tell myself how stupid it is to worry about total strangers seeing my messy office. And THEN I tell myself that maybe it's about time I clean up my messy office.

Last night, Jeff and I went to Ruth and Kaarel's for dinner. Sara was in an extremely hyper/happy mood, yelling and singing and dancing and VERY excited to see Uncle Jeff again (whom she hadn't seen for over two weeks). Annie, on the other hand, turned her attention towards me. She kept hugging me over and over again (I didn't complain), showed me her toy cat, gave me some tea out of her teacup, let me feed her bits of chicken.

Congratulations to Gary Ehrlich, who passed his Principles and Practices of Engineering exam!

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