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cottage report

Had fun at the cottage, very nice weather. Swamped with work right now, sorry for the short blather. More later, I hope.

Later: Found the first issue to PalmComputer Magazine, a magazine for PalmPilot owners. Wow, didn't realize there were THAT MANY of us. Interesting magazine, some good graffiti hints, got some good pointers to online Pilot resources. Don't know if I'd get this regularly, though, we'll see.

Had lunch with Bryan Fullerton, my system administrator for Inklings. Gave him his cheque, talked a bit about the Toronto Webgrrls, which sounds interesting.

Started writing a children's song on the weekend at the cottage, hope to have it finished in time for Jodi, Allison and I to perform it at Contata in our kids' concert.

Looks like a snapping turtle might have taken up residence in the lake near our cottage! Other wildlife sighted on the weekend: garter snake, chipmunk, loons, fish, mouse, seagull. The mouse was found on the path to one of the cabins, spreadeagled as if it were sunbathing. Either it suffered some kind of attack mid-run, or someone accidentally stepped on it late at night (we were all surreptitiously checking the bottoms of our shoes for fur). Poor wee thing. Jeff picked it up with a stick and flung it into the lake, where a seagull (appeared from nowhere!) swallowed it whole within a few minutes. Eugh.

David Goulden's back from his trip to Halifax! We are going riding again this Wednesday. I am too embarrassed to tell him that I did not go cycling at ALL while he was gone. I am so bad.

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