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pop rocks and armageddon

So I'm here eating a new chocolate bar I found in Detroit by Nestle that has tiny pop rocks embedded in the chocolate! It also comes with a Armageddon collector trading card which I immediately chucked.

By the way, I forgot to mention something else that happened at the showing of Armageddon that Jeff and I attended a couple weeks ago. Anyone spending much time in downtown Toronto is sure to be familiar with Ben Kerr, an elderly busker who stands on the northeast corner of Yonge and Bloor singing hokey songs into a microphone in a wavery voice as he accompanies himself on guitar. All his songs are performed at the same speed (i.e. slow). He's been there for as long as I can remember and is considered part of the Toronto landscape now. Anyway, the owner of the Plaza theatre (movie theatre at that location) apparently asked Ben to write a song about Armageddon, which he promptly did, calling it "Armageddon Girl". He sang it on opening day, and got such an overwhelming response that the owner has hired him to play at other showings as well. I think he has a cult following now. :-)

Celebrated Sara's 4th birthday yesterday (her birthday is actually today...if you want to send her birthday greetings, you could send them to her mother to relay (be sure to mention me somehow so she doesn't think you're some kind of wacko :)). Two of her favourite presents were a pink tulle tutu with an elastic waistband from my dad (with white gloves), and a two-speeder with training wheels from her parents. After licking all the chocolate icing over the top of her piece of cake, Sara immediately went outside to ride her bike happily down the sidewalk to Yonge Street (still wearing her white gloves and pink tutu over her regular clothes; she refused to take them off), singing a song from Anastasia at the top of her lungs (the one Anastasia sings while learning to ride a bike: "if you can do it, I can do it too" or something like that).

Leaving for California tomorrow. I'm taking a laptop, and should hopefully be able to post the occasional Blathering while I'm gone.

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