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canoe rescue

Spent the weekend at the cottage...did a lot of reading, napping, some swimming. Jeff taught me how to do a "canoe over canoe rescue", which would be useful on a canoe trip and one canoe dumps. He purposely dumped his canoe and went into the water and showed me how to pull the dumped canoe upside down and across my canoe (to empty it of water). Amazingly, I didn't dump my own canoe in the process. :-)

Freddy Brown reports having a good weekend at Toronto Trek (unfortunately we weren't able to was the same wknd as Contata), where he was filk guest.

Puzzlebox has a message board! Go to and click on "Puzzlebits".

Graham Leathers opened at the Fringe Festival recently and reports that the show was very well received! You can check out Gray's tour page for more details:

Had dinner at my sister's last night after coming home from the cottage. While Jeff played with Sara, I hung out with Annie. She has learned to bow. I found this out by watching her play the xylophone a bit, and then get up to bow. Her bows are still a bit wobbly, and she'd fall down about a third of the time, but she does seem like bowing a lot. I started bowing to her to see what would happen, and she delightedly bowed back. We had quite a bowing session going for a while was all very Japanese and polite, with Annie solemnly sticking her diapered bum up in the air and occasionally tipping over.

Officemusic: RAVEL PIANO MUSIC, Volume 1 (Louis Lortie, piano), CIRCUS (Erasure). Started with Ravel, had to resort to something noisier :-) to cover up the sounds of the drilling outside.

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