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Went to see Armageddon last night with Jeff, Reid, and Luisa. I wasn't all that keen on this film, but it probably didn't help that I'm not a Bruce Willis fan (I also got tired of all the slow-motion scenes...slow-motion happy children oblivious to doom approaching from above, slow-motion happy couples kissing, slow-motion astronauts trying to save the world, etc.). Had dinner at Kit Kat on Queen Street afterwards.

It's become a bit of a surprise for me recently to find out how many people are actually reading my Blatherings. On the Friday of Contata, I met with one of my clients/advertisers at the hotel in New Jersey...they suggested the meeting because they found out that I was going to be in the area by reading my Blatherings and then following the link to the Contata website! My father-in-law said he was at a conference recently where one of his UK friends knew more about what was going on in Jeff's and my lives than my father-in-law did because of my Blatherings (hi Godfrey! :-)). I've also received email from writers and editors who surf in from Inkspot about various blatherings topics.

Some people have even suggested installing a "Debbiecam". Although I'm not keen on the idea of having a live camera in my office (do I -really- want my 37,000 subscribers knowing that I'm sometimes still in my pjs when I send out issues of Inklings every other week??), I think it would be fun to track down a cheap computer cam to take snapshots of anything interesting I happen to come across day-to-day.

There is some kind of parade/celebration thingy going on in Metro Square today, across the street. Lots of bell-ringing, crowds, colourful balloons, flashy costumes. I think I might go check it out at lunch...who knows? Maybe there'll be free food. :-)

In my CD player today: THE NYLONS - "One Size Fits All". Tape player: SQUEEZE - "Argybargy".

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