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sara and annie

Had dinner with my sister and her family last night. Annie knows my name now! She calls
me "Deebee". Sara and I were playing chase in the living room and Annie toddled after me,
yelling my name. We had a bubble-blowing session in the backyard after dinner, and I got
bubblestuff all over my skirt and hands and arms. After that, Sara wanted to do crafts
with me, and she showed me how to make a popsicle stick flower. Annie wanted me to read
a picture book to her, and crawled into my lap after handing me the book while Sara
tugged on my sleeve, saying, "Auntie Debbie, come play with me!" Eeek, major guiltfest.

Fell asleep on the subway home; being an aunt is exhausting sometimes! :-) I don't know
how you parents can handle it.

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