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sunday dinner

Had a nice dinner at my sister's place last night. After dinner, we went out into the backyard to blow dad had a bunch of bubble-making toys with him (is he an ideal grandpa, or what? :-)). Annie ran (in the careening half-falling way that one-year-olds have) around yelling, "BAH! BAH-BUH!" over and over again until my dad got all the bubble-making stuff passed out to the adults. Annie and Sara ran around the yard trying to catch the bubbles. We also took a walk to a coffee shop on Yonge Street to get some dessert (Sara rode Uncle Jeff's back the entire way there and back). Sara chose a blue iced whale-shaped cookie. Partway through the cookie, she turned to Jeff and said (through a mouthful of crumbs), "After we get back, Uncle Jeff, do you know what I'm going to do to you?" Uncle Jeff: "What are you going to do?" Sara (with glee): "I'M GOING TO TIRE YOU OUT!!!"

And she did. :-) Every Sunday, she and Jeff do "gymnastics". I don't know how Jeff has the energy. Sitting on the ground leaning back against a couch, he grabs Sara's hands in his own, lets her walk up his chest and over his head onto the couch behind him, then flips her in a somersault over his head and down his chest as she screams in delight. I couldn't watch them doing this the first few looked far too dangerous! But Sara loves it, and Jeff is careful. No injuries in the year or two they've been doing this, or at least not since Jeff started putting a large pillow over the lower part of his body after Sara innocently jumped on a particularly sensitive part of his anatomy. :-)

Annie and I watched a bit of Anastasia. Annie loves this movie, especially the scene where Anastasia sings a song in the old ballroom of the palace while ghosts dance around the ceiling. Annie imitates everything Anastasia is doing on the screen, only a few seconds earlier, including the bows at the end (with her small diapered bum sticking up in the air).

I forgot to mention that Jeff and I were woken up by a helicopter hovering near our building yesterday morning! Turns out the helicopter had to make 27 trips to drop air conditioning equipment to the top of First Canadian Place (building near ours), we didn't count. :-) It was on the news. Also turns out this particular helicopter (sorry, I can't remember the name) was also the one that lowered the last piece of the CN tower into place during its construction.

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