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Went to the Pickle Barrel last night with Allison and Jodi last night, did some book shopping, came back to Allison's to gab and eat chocolate. :-)

Went to my first aerobics class in a while at 7 this morning. I'd forgotten how perky those instructors are. :-) I'm absolutely positive that they are not quite else could they be chatting and joking around whilst doing ab exercises that are killing the rest of us? The least they could do would be to PRETEND to be out of breath, even for a few minutes.

Did some babysitting yesterday, got Annie her first pair of sandals. The salesguy and Ruth tried one sandal on Annie's foot. She was fascinated. So fascinated that when they took the sandal off to try other styles, Annie yelled until they put another one on. When she finally got her new sandals picked out, she had great fun clomping about (still with the aid of someone's hands to hold onto) the store, admiring her new shoes. After shoe shopping we went to a park with a playground. Sara and I played in the sandbox, pretending that it was a vast ocean and that a little boy and a little girl (represented by a small pebble and a tiny acorn cup) were trying to swim to safety. I made lots of waves and wind. Sara scooped up Peter and Susie (she names everything, and Susie is a favourite) and staggered dramatically away from the sandbox, pretending that *she* was being tossed and dragged about by the ocean while I made appropriately scary thunderstorm noises. She staggered over to a field of dandelions, where she accidentally dropped Susie and she & I spent about ten unsuccessful minutes looking for the tiny acorn cup in the grass. Ruth cleverly distracted her with a tuna-and-pickle sandwich.

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